Meaning of social graph in English:

social graph


  • A representation of the interconnection of relationships in an online social network.

    ‘Don't undermine the integrity of the social graph by encouraging the creation of fake accounts or inauthentic friend connections.’
    • ‘I guess there's an inherent flaw in thinking that social graph/network data is useful at all.’
    • ‘Consider Facebook to be a large social graph.’
    • ‘The creation of the social graph, it's clear, was only the first step in a long process of economic optimization.’
    • ‘The social graph, it turns out, is a platform for social graft.’
    • ‘They are bad for game developers but good for users as they maintain the value of the social graph and feed.’
    • ‘The blogosphere, both via blogrolls and RSS feed subscriptions, give evidence to pieces of the social graph.’
    • ‘In fact, Telcos - if they were to ever get their act together - could easily mine the social graph.’
    • ‘The shrinking number of active bloggers that once were counted among my unspoken social graph is also evidence of this fatigue.’
    • ‘Now that Facebook is taking itself seriously, the site is being given a hasty intellectual makeover, retrofitted with a "social graph."’
    • ‘For the last 6 months I kept picking up on clues indicating that timeliness, community participation and the social graph are major forces.’
    • ‘"You're going to see us building up a lot more things with the social graph," she said.’
    • ‘The phone company stores data on who calls whom, for example, and that data builds a social graph.’
    • ‘Job hunting tip of the week: Pay attention to your social graph profile!’
    • ‘Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has even declared his quest to chart a "social graph" of human relationships the way that cartographers once charted the world.’
    • ‘One-third of users with accounts on both services could be identified on Twitter based on their Flickr connections, even when the Twitter social graph being used was completely anonymous.’
    • ‘With the incorporation of social networks into results, increased personalized search, and even Google Buzz, the social graph is clearly becoming a more and more important factor for the engines.’
    • ‘So even if you spend $10 per follower per month, you will be spending half million dollars a month to maintain your social graph.’
    • ‘The researchers built a social graph from a large corpus of email messages, and detected individuals who may have been alienated or had a hidden agenda.’
    • ‘This is enabled by the opening of APIs and allowing users to add applications to their account, and share some information (such as their neighbors in a social graph) with the application.’