Meaning of social housing in English:

social housing


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  • Housing provided for people on low incomes or with particular needs by government agencies or non-profit organizations.

    ‘Part of the property could be used for council housing and social housing.’
    • ‘He said the housing situation was becoming so serious that people from all walks of life now depended on social housing to find decent homes.’
    • ‘The company had already serviced the city's social housing for a decade before it was transferred to the trust from the city council.’
    • ‘The land was then sold for £40,000 to Yorkshire Housing for redevelopment as social housing.’
    • ‘The proposals followed last week's announcement of measures to boost social housing and home ownership.’
    • ‘Abbey Meads is one of Swindon's newest areas and consists of many upmarket homes plus social housing.’
    • ‘It is the only such organisation to have responsibility for housing renewal in the private sector, as well as social housing.’
    • ‘Today housing associations are replacing councils as the main provider of social housing.’
    • ‘George wants to stop the sale of council houses and like Oona wants to see more social housing.’
    • ‘In fact social housing and affordable housing are as different as social housing and private home ownership.’
    • ‘Laws passed in 1928 encouraged the construction of social housing and regulated housing estates.’
    • ‘The debate will be on a plan for a new social plan for social housing.’
    • ‘An earlier plan for 14 houses on the site, with no social housing, was rejected by officers using delegated powers.’
    • ‘The local authorities are insisting that up to 50 per cent of the new homes have to be low-cost or social housing.’
    • ‘The building rate of houses for sale in England continues to rise, but social housing is slipping off the graph.’
    • ‘There was supposed to be social housing as part of the Basin development, and it was built and has now been occupied.’
    • ‘Councillors are there to look after the interests of all members of the community and that includes people requiring social housing.’
    • ‘The Government wants to bring all social housing into a decent condition by 2010, with most of the work in deprived areas.’
    • ‘Its sponsors also promised that the development would include more than 4,000 units of social housing.’
    • ‘Coun Kunkler said he was pleased to see the inclusion of social housing in the scheme because it was badly needed in the Pewsey area.’