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social network

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  • 1A network of social interactions and personal relationships.

    ‘Global measures assess the degree of social integration or embeddedness in a social network more broadly.’
    • ‘Social isolation is not just a reflection of erosion of social networks between Somalis.’
    • ‘One neglected aspect of sibling influence is the extent to which siblings influence a child's social network.’
    • ‘Research consistently indicates that men have much smaller social networks than women do.’
    • ‘Among low-income women, those with more extensive social networks give birth to heavier, healthier children.’
    • ‘I'm want to start building a social network of my own, something that extends beyond work.’
    • ‘Those with the most diverse social networks tended to fare the best, he said.’
    • ‘In this era of renewed interest in social networks, finally comes the results of perhaps the biggest social network connection study.’
    • ‘The loss of friends and partners decreases the amount of social support received because they too were once part of the social network.’
    • ‘I am disabled and don't have much of a social network.’
    • ‘Older adults are often at risk of friendlessness because of disruptions to their social networks over time.’
    • ‘Finding a job becomes a more difficult task for International students because their social networks take a while to establish.’
    • ‘In Somalia, she had a large and supportive family and social network.’
    • ‘His research focuses on the effects of demography and personality on social networks and performance.’
    • ‘The healing of the split between faith and culture is something that happens inside each of us and inside our own social networks.’
    • ‘These congregations share both a territory and a set of differentiated social networks.’
    • ‘The researchers asked the participants five questions about their social network.’
    • ‘Previous research has also determined that Asians and Asian Americans tend to seek help from social networks rather than from professionals such as counselors.’
    • ‘Social networks are built out of social capital.’
    • ‘Discrimination negatively affected re-employment, and social networks positively affected re-employment.’
  • 2A dedicated website or other application which enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc.

    ‘The data also revealed a widespread apathy to the prospect of purchasing through social networks.’
    • ‘The worst examples of data overload can be found inside the social networks themselves.’
    • ‘Their plans are dominated by a mass migration of social networks to mobile phones.’
    • ‘They can also share their outfits through social networks like Facebook.’
    • ‘Its personalized home page lets you add icons for various social networks to get an overview of recent activity.’
    • ‘Social networks are a great new platform to create some momentum.’
    • ‘We are monitoring all of the latest developments coming out of Iran from our correspondents around the world and on all the social networks all morning.’
    • ‘In both sites, members are most likely joining for the features, and have little motivation to participate in the social network.’
    • ‘They need to step outside the traditional classroom and embrace a community of practice through electronic social networking.’
    • ‘Continuously updated headlines from DealBook, right in your blog, social network or search engine home page.’
    • ‘How will the search giant convince you to make Google Buzz your social network of choice?’
    • ‘Earlier this month on the Guardian's Games blog, blogger Aleks Krotoski posed the question, would social networking be helpful for online games?’
    • ‘Mapping the blogosphere - Cogent analysis of the development of social networks meets rampant blogging evangelism’
    • ‘, the web's most popular social network, to recruit new prospects.’
    • ‘Rupert Murdoch's purchase of Intermix Media and its MySpace website in July 2005 was arguably the moment the world started to take social networking seriously.’
    • ‘Players participate because they find the story fascinating, and the social network encourages them to continue to participate, team up and work for recognition.’
    • ‘Because the very function of a social network site is to disseminate information, a very strong presumption against an expectation of confidentiality could be inferred.’
    • ‘As is typical of both social networks in general and online communities in particular, the number of buddies a user has is distributed highly unevenly.’
    • ‘Despite their ability to encourage network reciprocity, Facebook and other online social networks have been plagued by the problem of how to make money.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone by Google, Microsoft has also announced plans to increase interoperability between social networks.’