Meaning of social partner in English:

social partner


  • An individual or organization, such as an employer, trade union, or employee, participating in a cooperative relationship for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

    ‘More than 20 non-governmental organisations and institutes, social partners, representatives of the National Association of Municipalities and academics took part in the discussion.’
    • ‘Political parties couldn't come to an agreement, so they asked the social partners (employers and trade unions) to deal with it.’
    • ‘All of the social partners, including trade unions, employers and community groups, broke from their high-level meeting with the Government to line up behind the ministers as the bells of Christchurch Cathedral rang out.’
    • ‘We had our established players, if you like, the social partners, the employers and the employees, the bosses unions and the workers unions.’
    • ‘The Advisory Committee was drawn from policy makers, representatives of the agricultural social partners and women farmers.’
    • ‘Macra na Feirme, the social partner organisation representing rural young people, is calling on the government to address the current situation of excessive waiting periods for driving tests.’
    • ‘We have agreed to explore options and to ask the commission to support collective agreements between national governments and social partners.’
    • ‘The Board, which is drawn up of members from Waterford City Council as well as State agencies, social partners and local development groups, has provided the blueprint for the development of Waterford City between now and 2012.’
    • ‘The board consists of 29 members representing local government, local development bodies, state agencies and the social partners.’
    • ‘At a meeting that day, the social partners - the Cabinet, trade unions and employers - supported a proposal to increase wages.’
    • ‘‘They talk about the social partners being the unions and the employers,’ he said, ‘but the main social partner is the government and they have to deliver on inflation.’’
    • ‘Brewster attributes some of the persistence of unions in Europe to their official recognition, as social partners, within the European Union.’
    • ‘Much of the regulation to achieve this has been negotiated between employers and unions, called in Germany the social partners.’
    • ‘Trade unions were accepted as essential social partners within an enlightened capitalist system.’
    • ‘Government would engage its social partners to implement the decision of the growth and development summit that five percent of funds held by institutional investors be invested in the real economy.’
    • ‘The government is likely to pump more money into the economy next year in order to meet its obligations to the social partners, and workers are likely to get pay increases that are slightly ahead of inflation.’
    • ‘Exchequer figures due for release on Wednesday are expected further to undermine hopes of a new contract between the social partners.’
    • ‘The problem for the government is that there is no money to buy off the social partners with special tax-cutting measures.’
    • ‘There is agreement among the social partners that psychological health in the workplace is in the national interest.’
    • ‘‘In my speech, I said that ‘if the Government can sit down with the social partners, why not do it in Sligo’.’