Meaning of social process in English:

social process


  • The pattern of growth and change in a society over the years.

    ‘Adaptation is a dynamic social process: the ability of societies to adapt is determined, in part, by the ability to act collectively.’
    • ‘Second, our research shows how organizations mediate the impact of larger social processes on organizational functioning.’
    • ‘Narrative approaches to therapy place emphasis on cognition and social processes in meaning making.’
    • ‘According to the author, it is critical to comprehend the social process of value formation, to learn how to change values in a positive manner, and to instill both a moral restoration and a spiritual renewal.’
    • ‘And, growing actually involves a social process of self-development through interaction with others.’
    • ‘As a result of interactive learning, innovation is a social process.’
    • ‘Filmmaking is a social process, its very emergence and evolution bound up with modern industry and production.’
    • ‘Second, institutionalists have been interested in efficiency as a social process, stressing that the meaning of efficiency is constructed socially.’
    • ‘Livingston combines developmental psychology and cultural anthropology to explain the psychological and social processes at the root of domestic violence.’
    • ‘Studies that ignore the extent to which economic processes are embedded in the political and social processes often come across as hollow and one-dimensional.’
    • ‘Theories of diffusion and adoption are valuable in understanding the social processes involved in choosing to employ a particular technology.’
    • ‘Second, environmental as well as social processes operate along multiple, unequal, and sometimes overlapping time horizons.’
    • ‘Mind, according to Mead, arises within the social process of communication and cannot be understood apart from that process.’
    • ‘They acted as social philosophers who became responsible for giving meaning to the social process and communicating that meaning to the public at large.’
    • ‘Finally, if literacy is an ongoing intellectual process, it is also an ongoing social process.’
    • ‘Despite their effects, which were certainly catastrophic at times, these storms only helped to accelerate or decelerate social processes that already were taking place.’
    • ‘While it is useful to examine sport within a larger cultural terrain, Jonsson reminds us not to neglect the sheer fun involved and how social processes orient themselves around enjoyment.’
    • ‘Finally, unlike 100 years ago when acute infections were a leading cause of death, disease now is more chronic and related to behavioral and social processes.’
    • ‘Her performance events have taken the form of meals and choreographed situations, inviting the public to take an active part in the art and participate in the social processes that are initiated.’
    • ‘This is due to the fact that classical economists conceived the economic processes as being historically stronger than political or any other form of social processes.’