Meaning of social psychologist in English:

social psychologist


See social psychology

‘It was not until the 1970s that cognitive psychologists and social psychologists showed a heightened interest once again in experimental investigations of eyewitness testimony and identification.’
  • ‘More interpersonally oriented social psychologists and cultural anthropologists view emotions as being created among people.’
  • ‘Longstanding research by the team and by the other social psychologists shows that people tend to see groups they're not a part of as more homogeneous than their own group, a phenomenon known as the ‘outgroup homogeneity effect.’’
  • ‘Traditionally, social psychologists have studied attitude change in the laboratory, focusing on short-term change in attitudes that are often not of great importance to research participants.’
  • ‘According to Jane Adams, a social psychologist and author of When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us, previous generations emphasized education and financial independence over all else for their children.’