Meaning of social psychology in English:

social psychology



mass noun
  • The branch of psychology that deals with social interactions, including their origins and their effects on the individual.

    ‘A great deal of research in social psychology has been devoted to examining the effects of ‘fear appeals’ in advertising.’
    • ‘Thompson is a senior at Southeast High School, where he has developed an interest in social psychology, intelligence and positive psychology.’
    • ‘As undergraduate psychology majors universally learn, at its core, all psychology is social psychology.’
    • ‘In addition, recognizing the growing influence of psychoanalysis and social psychology, they enlisted the new prestige of those disciplines in order to make their case.’
    • ‘Kurt Lewin, founder of group dynamics in social psychology, found that there are systems based around any individual that give rise to tensions between individuals.’
    • ‘Educators recognize the social nature of the classroom, so it is no surprise that social psychology should help us understand why students learn - and why they don't.’
    • ‘As predicted by the literature in social psychology, the nature of the situation exerted more influence on behavior than did individual characteristics.’
    • ‘They note that the early history of social psychology was ‘marked by an euphoric optimism’ about the application of the methods of science to human problems.’
    • ‘Their theory, known as the Terror Management Theory, or TMT, is a combination of social psychology and existentialism.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the majority of journal investigations focused specifically on the subdisciplines of personality or social psychology.’
    • ‘The literature in social psychology suggests that responses to racial discrimination will also be affected by situational factors.’
    • ‘The discourse analysis undertaken to answer these questions was informed by discursive social psychology.’
    • ‘Research in social psychology suggests many of us respond with aggression, but not all of us.’
    • ‘Many experiments in fields like social psychology are laboratory experiments rather than field experiments.’
    • ‘Any student of social psychology should know that the subjects of their experiments cannot be apprised of the nature of the experiment without destroying its validity.’
    • ‘The dimensions of attitudes are grounded in the area of social psychology, which have been identified by researchers as cognition, affect, and behavior.’
    • ‘The obedience experiments had a profound impact within academic social psychology, altering the central message of the discipline itself.’
    • ‘Sociolinguistics has close connections with the social sciences, in particular, sociology, anthropology, social psychology, and education.’
    • ‘All have had considerable experience designing and conducting laboratory experiments in social psychology.’
    • ‘Parker goes beyond the experiments to talk about the value of social psychology in general.’