Meaning of social sharing in English:

social sharing


mass noun
  • The practice of sharing content from a website on a social media site or application.

    ‘mobile technology and social sharing have reshaped the media industry in recent years’
    • ‘don't forget to add social sharing buttons to your blog’
    • ‘Too many people limit sharing to the big three (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) without considering other social sharing sites.’
    • ‘Prompted by Facebook's latest moves to increase social sharing across the Web, he has asked the Federal Trade Commission to issue guidelines to protect the private information of social networking users.’
    • ‘Circles lets users categorize friends in groups, Hangouts is a video chat feature, and Sparks is a social sharing feature that learns the type of online content you're interested in.’
    • ‘Where links abound, a rich ecosystem of commentary, archiving, social sharing and scholarship usually develops because links make it far easier to build on and connect ideas from around the web.’
    • ‘I agree that varying the anchor text is very important and will continue to become even more important as the social sharing of links is weighted for rankings.’
    • ‘Even under its limited-invite "field trial" phase, the social sharing service is growing in leaps and bounds, with oodles of new users joining every day and even more champing at the bit to get in.’
    • ‘Tumblr also has built-in social sharing devices that give your blog the potential to go viral.’
    • ‘Brands are trying different ways to engage in the social space - from social sharing campaigns to traditional advertising within social networks.’
    • ‘It's clear that social sharing is now a common factor in online marketing.’
    • ‘The new social sharing functionality allows businesses to take a more holistic approach to online marketing and brand development.’
    • ‘Given the mass reach of Facebook and the growing use of social sharing widgets, it's not surprising that data collection via widgets has ballooned.’
    • ‘Survey results also show social sharing of photos far exceeded the rate of backing them up, suggesting that consumers are careless when it comes to their personal multimedia.’
    • ‘Social sharing is critical for increasing traffic to your blog.’
    • ‘If you want to grab the biggest audience possible on Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing networks your best bet is to post videos and photos that capture the eyes and ears of your listeners.’
    • ‘The years of 2011 and 2012 have seen a massive surge in social sharing and its effects on search.’
    • ‘Thankfully most blogs and websites nowadays have social sharing buttons of some sort.’
    • ‘With the proliferation of new social sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, marketers are constantly looking at new ways to better reach and engage consumers.’
    • ‘If you're eager to tell you friends what you've been listening to, social sharing via Facebook or Twitter is enabled directly through the app.’
    • ‘I am surprised though that there are only around 8000 fans - the key to social sharing is to recruit as many people as possible.’
    • ‘You can mail the photos or upload the videos as social sharing is very easy nowadays.’