Meaning of social status in English:

social status


  • A person's standing or importance in relation to other people within a society.

    ‘families of a higher social status’
    • ‘top-performing school systems are likely to have teachers with high social status’
    • ‘Inscriptions in public places can also indicate the social status of the artist.’
    • ‘With the change in social status and economic status, your entire mindset gets turned upside down virtually overnight.’
    • ‘Problems caused by money and social status, and differing ideas of value and wealth, dominate the narrative.’
    • ‘Edith enters into the ruse not just because she likes him, but because it improves her social status.’
    • ‘As a mere cloth merchant's wife—no matter how rich and beautiful—her bid for social status was treated as nothing more than pretense.’
    • ‘The issue of the social status of ancient artists is multifaceted and complex.’
    • ‘We can easily guess his social status from his elaborate coiffure: in the manner of high-ranking men, his hair is done up in a topknot, kept in place by an ornamental hairpin.’
    • ‘A young couple in love, desperate to be with each other, but forbidden, because of the differences in their social status, spend the rest of their lives pining for each other in utter turmoil.’
    • ‘The reader's interpretation depends on their culture, education, social status, etc., and that varies from individual to individual.’
    • ‘Later in the novel, the reader encounters the character dressed in very contemporary, decorative garb indicative of his high social status, but his inner self is in a state of unrest.’