Meaning of social studies in English:

social studies

plural noun

treated as singular
  • Various aspects or branches of the study of human society, considered as an educational discipline.

    ‘arts and social studies’
    ‘the teaching of social studies’
    as modifier ‘unpublished language and social studies materials’
    • ‘He used unified studies of an area, including language, social studies and art, combining all the subjects into one.’
    • ‘The programme may allow students to sample different languages, or else it may be part of a social studies or language arts unit.’
    • ‘Advanced math and science courses were also provided as well as courses in language arts, social studies, and the arts.’
    • ‘Meltzer's book is a fantastic read and makes wonderful connections between social studies and language arts.’
    • ‘The guide will support secondary school curricula in art, English, social studies and humanities.’
    • ‘Leo Casey has been nationally recognized for his work teaching civics and social studies.’
    • ‘At the middle school, students take language arts and social studies in Spanish.’
    • ‘Teachers across disciplines will highlight math elements in history, social studies and English.’
    • ‘The council represents 26,000 teachers of history, social studies and related subjects.’
    • ‘At 23, he is on the verge of completing a degree in history, politics and social studies.’
    • ‘Critics rightly point to serious flaws in some guidelines offered for the teaching of social studies.’
    • ‘It can be a multi-discipline project including both history and social studies.’
    • ‘He also makes a fine case for teaching history as a separate discipline, instead of lumping it together with social studies.’
    • ‘Amish was driven towards technical drawing, geography, social studies and principles of business.’
    • ‘Local health authorities or service agencies may have a needs assessment or more focused social studies of your area.’
    • ‘The test covers rhymes in Telugu, mathematics, science and social studies.’
    • ‘Later that very same day in social studies, we were introduced to the concept of melting pots and mosaics.’
    • ‘His numerous academic awards included diplomas in social studies and sociology.’
    • ‘As a sophomore, I asked an education professor how to get certified to teach social studies.’
    • ‘Schools replaced mythology and history with the more amorphous social studies.’


social studies