Meaning of socialist realism in English:

socialist realism

Pronunciation /ˌsəʊʃəlɪst ˈrɪəlɪz(ə)m/


mass noun
  • The theory of art, literature, and music officially sanctioned by the state in some Communist countries (especially in the Soviet Union under Stalin), by which artistic work was supposed to reflect and promote the ideals of a socialist society.

    ‘This tradition was suppressed during the communist period, when socialist realism became the official style.’
    • ‘Both Shostakovich and Kadaré realised the danger of being denounced by the ‘defenders’ of socialist realism, or even by their own musical and literary colleagues.’
    • ‘For many authors writing under the onus of Zhdanovite socialist realism, the progression from realism to didacticism to political prescription and censorship appeared swift and inevitable.’
    • ‘Throughout his career he pursued an aesthetic that could hardly have been more at odds with socialist realism.’
    • ‘Slovenian literature immediately before and after World War II was heavily influenced by socialist realism and the struggles of the war period.’