Meaning of sociobiologically in English:



See sociobiology

‘In Practical Ecocriticism, Love argues for sociobiologically informed criticism, and applies it to themes of place in Willa Gather, animals in Ernest Hemingway, and the ecological in William Dean Howells.’
  • ‘Were the Americans of a century ago sociobiologically different from the Americans of today?’
  • ‘A 100 year timescale to me is long enough that I suspect that the human race will be in a very different place sociobiologically or our current socioeconomic structure will have collapsed under the burden of its incompatibility with our biological heritage.’
  • ‘Much sociobiologically informed literary interpretation implicitly assumes that psychological norms shaped by the ancestral environment will provide direct keys to the meaning of cultural artifacts, including literary works.’
  • ‘‘Together with previous research,’ Chen explains, ‘our findings suggest that women may be better able to perceive differences associated with emotionally and sociobiologically significant signals.’’



/ˌsəʊʃɪəʊbʌɪəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)li/ /ˌsəʊsɪəʊbʌɪəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)li/