Meaning of sociocultural in English:



  • Combining social and cultural factors.

    ‘the sociocultural differences between the sexes’
    • ‘As women, we are influenced by the same sociocultural factors that affect all women in our culture.’
    • ‘Research on health promoting lifestyles has focused on individual choice with little attention to sociocultural and environmental factors.’
    • ‘The influence of sociocultural factors on language minority children's development is the second significant factor analyzed.’
    • ‘The degree of difficulty of bilingual language development depends on a complex array of sociocultural and individual factors.’
    • ‘A variety of sociocultural influences combined in the 1990s to improve the status of women in the federal workplace.’
    • ‘Satcher uses historical and sociocultural factors to analyze the particular mental health care needs of each minority group.’
    • ‘Most theories of dieting, body image, and eating disorders assign a major role to sociocultural factors, such as the media.’
    • ‘Health and nutrition are affected by a variety of sociocultural factors.’
    • ‘The creation of a national identity has not been easy considering the differences between island sociocultural practices, languages, and resources.’
    • ‘Further, sociocultural mechanisms have been identified as important predisposing factors in binge eating and as underlying factors in the etiology of bulimia.’
    • ‘Many social and psychological interventions require a thorough understanding of the sociocultural context, which outsiders typically do not have.’
    • ‘The rules which determine the appropriate choice in conversation derive from the arcane art of knowing the ins and outs of the complex sociocultural fabric of Korean.’
    • ‘She added that each nation should develop its own format fitting its historical and sociocultural context to meet the universal standards of norms of democracy.’
    • ‘Attention is dynamic, and there are sociocultural influences that push us to pay attention one way or another.’
    • ‘Members of a cultural identity group tend to share certain worldviews, norms, values, goal priorities, and sociocultural heritage.’
    • ‘Is information misleading because the research methods used do not take into consideration the sociocultural background of participants?’
    • ‘The intention is to explore how the approaches and methodologies of sociocultural anthropology have been applied to the study of the everyday phenomena of social life in early modern Italy.’
    • ‘Feminist folkloristics, as developed in the United States and Canada, understands gender as a fundamentally sociocultural construct.’
    • ‘It is evident that issues of power in the existing sociocultural political context continue to affect children's daily lived realities.’
    • ‘Early family therapy models tended to focus narrowly on the interior of the family, inattentive to larger sociocultural influences.’



/ˌsəʊʃɪəʊˈkʌltʃ(ə)r(ə)l/ /ˌsəʊsɪəʊˈkʌltʃ(ə)r(ə)l/