Meaning of sock it to someone in English:

sock it to someone


  • Attack or make a forceful impression on someone.

    • ‘Yes, on that show, yes, and I remember being amazed at it, that he was actually just there and he did sock it to me.’
    • ‘So anyway, what I was trying to say before I got all sidetracked was - sock it to me.’
    • ‘The company really socks it to you, however, if you want more OS support - increasing the OS support to three years costs another $1,400.’
    • ‘That's right, sandals are made to be worn without socks, so don't let the fashion police spot you because they might end up socking it to you.’
    • ‘I wanted to burst out laughing; Eliza was socking it to her!’
    • ‘Thanks to the many readers who socked it to us for the spelling error.’
    • ‘Yet, I feel the collaborative process, in which the script was developed, missed a good opportunity to really sock it to us.’
    • ‘Me on the other hand, I was willing to sock it to them once in a while.’
    • ‘It's also wrong to sock it to Hobson and Eastern Bays residents because they live in more expensive suburbs.’
    • ‘The real question is: who is the audience for this curious little show, the latest from a line of gravely-voiced American actresses who could be leading nice quiet lives in rest homes but instead seem determined to sock it to us one more time?’