Meaning of sock puppet in English:

sock puppet


  • 1A simple hand puppet made from a sock.

    ‘The company logged huge accolades for TV ads with its famous sock puppet.’
    • ‘He has the emoting range of a sock puppet.’
    • ‘"Waiting for Godot", according to the poster for a lunchtime show, will be "performed by sock puppets".’
    • ‘The gargoyle in this film is about as believable as a sock puppet.’
    • ‘They are so wrong for their roles that they might as well be played by sock puppets.’
    • ‘They are wooden, barely articulate blobs of clay, with as much emotional expression as you'd expect from an oversized smelly surfer sock puppet.’
    • ‘What began with a no-name sock puppet doing local Washington D.C. television shows and commercials ultimately became a multi-million dollar franchise that would educate America's youth and entertain generations of adults.’
    • ‘For those of you who missed out, the show was based around two sock puppets that, through a series of quick and bizarre skits, pointed out just how strange the variety program was.’
    • ‘In small groups create sock puppets and dramatize some of the episodes represented in the flip-books.’
    • ‘Who can resist making their own finger paintings or sock puppets?’
    • ‘Making sock puppets is a great hobby to share with your kids and one that helps them disconnect from electronics and other daily distractions.’
    • ‘When you were a young kid, did you ever play with sock puppets?’
    1. 1.1A person whose actions are controlled by another.
      ‘a brainless sock puppet who only knows what to say because his handlers feed him his lines’
      • ‘It's obvious you are a Gore sock puppet.’
      • ‘These three are conservatives as opposed to Right Wing sock puppets.’
      • ‘I've railed against the RIAA and MPAA and their congressional sock puppets in some of the cruelest language I've ever used in print.’
      • ‘Conversely, there's certainly a case to be made that the high-water mark of the New Economy was the January 2000 installment of the game, when flush sock puppets bid up the price so high that real companies couldn't afford to buy in.’
      • ‘Because he is a sock puppet, it's always hard to figure out whether these turf battles are good cop/bad cop or whether they truly represent a death match between State and Defense.’
      • ‘Let's see if we can push him and his sock puppet over the edge - preferably on national TV.’
      • ‘Why was he playing sock puppet for a disgruntled archeologist in yesterday's Irish Times?’
      • ‘Four years on, he briefly ran for president himself, only to be dismissed as a Kennedy sock puppet.’
      • ‘I think the Commission's decision to let him and his sock puppet testify together is looking better and better all the time.’
      • ‘These clowns might be good public speakers, but a tour of both sites shows that they're just the sock puppets for a very slick marketing effort.’
      • ‘Apparently, they didn't think their Lieberman sock puppet was tough enough on Dean last night.’
      • ‘They lie, use sock puppets, and will do literally anything to further their aims.’
      • ‘Always funny how the left creates such "capitalist" sock puppets and then blames their failure on the market, when it's inevitably the govt-created or regulated agencies that fail first and hardest.’
      • ‘So, having been caught using sock puppets to circumvent the spending limits, the right has relegalised using sock puppets to circumvent election spending limits.’
  • 2A false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views.

    ‘both sides in the debate use sock puppets to make it seem as if scores of people are arguing a point’
    • ‘Okay, so I ponied up for a sock puppet just to respond some more.’
    • ‘His story combines a hot issue with intrigue, allegations of lying, internet sock puppets, and scientific misconduct.’
    • ‘That's clearly Nick's sock puppet, being used to justify the existence of this thread.’
    • ‘If nothing else, create a sock puppet of yourself.’
    • ‘I find the value of reviews to be substantially lower than they ever have been because of sock puppets, astroturf, and trolling.’
    • ‘Our data shows a multitude of cases like this, which make use of what became known as sock puppets.’
    • ‘These bloggers marshaled their legion of sock puppets to engage in intellectual combat.’
    • ‘This tactic works better when done by several sock puppets, or in this case, as an anonymous poster.’
    • ‘Kooks will create sock puppets and use them to attack their enemies and/or post positive responses to the kook's own posts (since no one else will).’
    • ‘They're creating armies of software-driven sock-puppets to gang up on bloggers and commenters to swamp negative comment.’
    • ‘A trend on the rise is the use of sock-puppets to reinforce material that has been posted and/or undermine any opposing material that appears under comments from genuine contributors.’
    • ‘Sock puppets are banned in many online venues.’