Meaning of socket outlet in English:

socket outlet


  • A socket for an electric plug that is fixed to a wall and connected to an electricity supply.

    ‘The regulations do not affect small jobs such as providing a socket outlet, or adding a light switch to an existing circuit.’
    • ‘The plug-in burglar alarm has a built-in battery to power the device if there's a mains failure or should the intruder remove the alarm from the socket outlet.’
    • ‘Homeowners can still replace accessories such as socket outlets, control switches and ceiling roses without infringing the law - although there are exceptions in high-risk areas, including bathrooms, saunas and kitchens.’
    • ‘There are two rooms available, heated and fitted with 30 socket outlets for computers, ergonomically designed tables and connection to the internet.’
    • ‘Generally throughout the UK there are not enough socket outlets to provide power to electrical equipment in the home – the increase in ownership of electrical consumer durables can lead to the increased use of extension cables and adaptors which can lead to both trip hazards and overloading problems.’