Meaning of socko in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɒkəʊ/


informal mainly North American
  • Stunningly effective or successful.

    • ‘a sell-out, socko performance’
    • ‘The Beatles, who played in clubs long before they released their first single, knew that songs with a climax, a point, a socko finish, were guaranteed audience-goosers.’
    • ‘But if you want a real blockbuster to keep out the cold, the Midlands supermarket, Booth's, also has a socko red from South Africa, made with an extraordinary variety of grapes.’
    • ‘For a socko emphasis, you can choose a large-scale pattern, that is warm, dark or bright in color and has bold contrasts.’
    • ‘And no recommendation, not even a socko review, can necessarily make you show up more than once.’
    • ‘Not even Werblin, the show-business smarty, could have anticipated that he was landing not only an exceptional football talent, but a kid with a flamboyant style that was socko show business.’


1920s from sock in the sense ‘forceful blow’ + -o.