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soda ash

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mass noun
  • Commercially manufactured anhydrous sodium carbonate.

    ‘The sodium sulfate was then heated with coal and limestone to form sodium carbonate, or soda ash.’
    • ‘The chemical soda ash, which contains sodium, is used to manufacture glass, soaps, paper and water softeners.’
    • ‘The flux also might contain silica, borax, soda ash, potassium nitrate and household flour.’
    • ‘General Chemical is a leading producer of such commodities as soda ash and calcium chloride, while Garratt-Callahan makes higher value goods such as biocides, and corrosion and scale inhibitors.’
    • ‘Now, soda ash is primarily manufactured by a method known as the Solvay process.’
    • ‘There are mineral deposits of soda ash, fluorspar, salt, and gold.’
    • ‘It is known as washing soda or soda ash, and is used for softening water, in the manufacture of borax, and in making glass, paper, detergents, and soap.’
    • ‘Glass - made since the time of the Mesopotamians and Egyptians - is little more than a mixture of sand, soda ash and lime.’
    • ‘The Le Blanc Process, designed in the early 1800s, converted salt into soda ash.’
    • ‘It's made from sand, soda ash and limestone, which means it's all completely natural.’
    • ‘It's as effective as chlorine bleach, but made of sodium percarbonate and soda ash, so it's environmentally friendly and safe to use on any surface.’
    • ‘He expected the higher cost of soda ash, a raw material for flat glass production, to add costs of 3 to 4 yuan per weight case, but the company would transfer some of the increase to the selling price.’
    • ‘Mix up some dye, salt, and soda ash in a small container and paint it on your faux animal.’
    • ‘Battersea firefighters poured soda ash down the toilet, neutralising the sulphuric acid and stopping the production of the chlorine gas.’
    • ‘For example, in Senate Committee hearings we heard public servants declare that soda ash is neutralised by limestone, and that the limestone is rich in sodium and carbonate; no mention of calcium.’
    • ‘Once the caustic was mixed through, the soap would be pumped into a mixer where soda ash was added as a neutraliser.’
    • ‘A kilogram of glass may contain up to 0.23 kg of soda ash.’
    • ‘Once the materials are chosen, they're collected and broken down in huge vats containing soda ash.’
    • ‘When you have approximately the color you want, add 1/3 cup soda ash dissolved in hot water.’
    • ‘The only noticeable visual change at the plant is new equipment to unload the soda ash from the rail cars, he said.’