Meaning of sodium-vapour lamp in English:

sodium-vapour lamp


(also sodium lamp)
  • A lamp in which an electrical discharge in sodium vapour gives a yellow light, typically used in street lighting.

    ‘The light source was a sodium lamp.’
    • ‘The lantern uses a 100 Watt high pressure sodium lamp with a 1289 reflector and an integral control gear.’
    • ‘Lighting was supplemented from dawn to dusk with high pressure sodium lamps.’
    • ‘In poor lighting conditions at night, he said, yellow sodium lamps such as those in the street lights in Kendal town centre could make a blue shirt appear a different colour.’
    • ‘Low-pressure sodium lamps, which produce light only at a specific yellow wavelength, mitigate the turtles' confusion.’
    • ‘In a model of civic cooperation, the entire city of Tucson, Arizona - the nearest large municipality to the Kitt Peak National Observatory - has converted its streetlights to low-pressure sodium lamps.’
    • ‘Visitors enter through a yellow door by a car park and climb down seven flights of stairs to the warren, which volunteers are restoring by the light of sodium lamps.’
    • ‘A vast artificial sun of yellow sodium lamps is installed at the far end of the hall: the entire ceiling is mirrored making the space seem even more immense.’
    • ‘Ofanto plants were grown under greenhouse conditions with supplementary lighting provided by sodium lamps, with a day temperature of 18-20°C and a night temperature of 14-16°C.’
    • ‘We've also put lights up to illuminate the gates and fitted 15 sodium lamps to the gable ends of houses.’
    • ‘Artificial lighting was supplied by sodium lamps for 16 h d - 1 throughout the experiment to supplement and extend natural daylight.’
    • ‘Natural light was supplemented with high-intensity metal halide and sodium lamps suspended 1.3 m above the bench.’
    • ‘Light came from four 400 W sodium lamps placed on each side of the enclosure and two 1000 W mercury lamps situated above the enclosure.’
    • ‘High-pressure sodium lamps also are a little cheaper than metal-halide lamps.’
    • ‘School administration directed installation of a new High-Benefit Lighting security system that relied on low-pressure sodium lamps.’
    • ‘These full cut off lamps maximise the light to the ground while minimising the light spill so long associated with the orange glow sodium lamps they replace.’
    • ‘Plants were illuminated by natural daylight, supplemented by sodium lamps.’
    • ‘The trees were maintained in a climate-controlled glasshouse in Urbana, Illinois with day/night air temperatures of 30 / 25°C throughout the year, and supplemental sodium lamps used during the winter.’
    • ‘A photoperiod of 16 h was maintained with high-pressure sodium lamps to extend the day length when required.’
    • ‘The photoperiods were lengthened by high-pressure sodium lamps or shortened by black screens when necessary.’