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  • (of an egg) boiled for a short time, leaving the yolk soft or liquid.

    ‘Amazing in the sense that I was amazed by it - singular: one large pasta parcel, which had a soft-boiled egg yolk at the centre and cream cheese on the outside, with the leek on top and the ratatouille underneath.’
    • ‘For soft-boiled eggs, simmer for four minutes.’
    • ‘It started out well, with a soft-boiled egg with a morel cream and truffle mouillettes (toasted fingers of bread to dip into the egg), and then a lobster tempura on a bed of ceps, with a velouté de cèpe poured all around.’
    • ‘In the warmer seasons, they commonly eat bread and jam, hard- or soft-boiled eggs, a white cheese made from sheep's milk, salty olives, and warm milk or hot tea with milk.’
    • ‘Having read a review of his soft-boiled egg in a rival paper the other week, which pronounced it overcooked and asked what kind of chef it was that could not boil an egg, I ordered it myself, to give him a shot at redemption.’
    • ‘She comes home to cook her breakfast of oatmeal and a soft-boiled egg.’
    • ‘Until this morning, I might have argued that it was the perfect breakfast - give or take a few buckwheat pancakes, a bowl of homemade granola and yogurt, or the occasional soft-boiled egg with toast, butter optional.’
    • ‘John Tyler actually sat in this breakfast nook and ate soft-boiled eggs from those egg cups.’
    • ‘When I was very young and staying at their apartment in the West End, she used to make me soft-boiled eggs, out of their shells in a little bowl, mixed together with lots of salt and pepper.’
    • ‘Darling brought out Ted's hash browns and my soft-boiled eggs.’
    • ‘It would be fun to eat soft-boiled eggs using the set shown in Plate XVI, which was found in the original fitted box.’
    • ‘I ordered a breakfast of tea, kaya toast and two soft-boiled eggs.’
    • ‘I'd like an order for two, please, one soft-boiled egg for two, a half order of buttered toast.’
    • ‘There are eggs: a soft-boiled hen's egg, with rich black truffle purée and Melba toast for me, a white truffle oil-infused custard set in an open egg shell for him.’
    • ‘The next day, Maxence soft-boiled the eggs (eight minutes, as per the lady's instructions), while I slivered one of the truffles thinly.’
    • ‘I'm sure Senyor Adria's soft-boiled quails' eggs in a caramel glaze, his wild strawberries in Campari and his deconstructed paella were wasted on the music-trade bigwigs, who would have been happier at McDonald's.’
    • ‘As I got up from the breakfast-table in the vast, chandelier-dotted dining room at St Moritz's most distinguished hotel to collect my soft-boiled Swiss egg, my napkin slipped towards the thick red carpet.’
    • ‘Baby artichokes en barigoule (braised in white wine and olive oil) came with perfectly soft-boiled halves of quails' eggs and effervescent-tasting violet heartsease flowers.’