Meaning of soft-hued in English:



  • Of a light, subtle colour or shade.

    ‘a wide array of colours, both soft-hued and bold’
    • ‘There is a warm Italian innkeeper, there are soft-hued walls, a special pasta, a flow of Chianti.’
    • ‘He has an intriguing, owlish quality, a delicate composition of slight frame, fierce eyes and soft-hued tufty hair.’
    • ‘They have successfully introduced batik printed on lightweight and soft-hued fabric.’
    • ‘In its soft-hued, washed-out movie poster, its attractive stars have been posed to look like a couple of casual dudes just hangin' on a sidewalk before a brick wall.’
    • ‘His modernist, linear style of the early 1930s had by then developed into the subtle, soft-hued, painterly manner associated with the Euston Road School.’
    pale, soft, delicate, light, light-coloured, light-toned, muted, subtle, subdued, faint, soft-hued, low-key, understated