Meaning of soft-paste in English:



  • Denoting artificial porcelain, typically made with white clay and ground glass and fired at a comparatively low temperature.

    • ‘To maintain high standards, the duke issued the third set of ordinances in 1799, emphasizing the production of sculptural objects in pipe clay and soft-paste porcelain.’
    • ‘Alcoves at either end of the front hall, for example, contained Sevres soft-paste porcelains at one end.’
    • ‘This set may have been an English soft-paste porcelain garniture.’
    • ‘One of the most popular decorative motifs on European soft-paste porcelain is known as flores alemanas for its introduction about 1740 in Meissen.’
    • ‘The Italian potters were successful in making soft-paste porcelain, but the workshop was disbanded after a dozen years, and fewer than sixty pieces of this porcelain are known to survive.’
    • ‘He wrote on mathematics, but also learned how to make soft-paste porcelain in France and built giant burning-lenses that reached the highest temperatures yet observed.’
    • ‘Dodin spent a very important part of his career painting soft-paste porcelain plaques, which demanded a specialized talent.’
    • ‘The objects on view represent the work of numerous hard- and soft-paste factories throughout Europe, England and Asia.’