Meaning of soft clam in English:

soft clam


another term for softshell clam
‘The terminal of the knife handle is formed as the thin shell of a steamer, or soft clam.’
  • ‘Historically, the soft clam was a staple food for the Indians of the New York / New Jersey Harbor area.’
  • ‘Viruses have been isolated from hard clams, oysters, mussels, soft clams, crabs, cockles, lobster and conch.’
  • ‘Churning by power may not be employed in the taking of soft clams on land below high-tide line in town waters.’
  • ‘All persons must be licensed to harvest any hard clams, soft clams, surf clams and oysters.’
  • ‘Clams are eaten throughout the world, and Americans typically prefer round, hard, long, or soft clams.’
  • ‘Development of an escalator dredge to harvest soft clams produced an initial large harvest in the 1960s followed by a general decline to about 10% of levels when the fishery was new.’
  • ‘It was impossible to find this woman, but I made inspections of the sources of soft clams at Oyster Bay, which showed that they were sometimes taken from places where they were polluted with sewage.’
  • ‘With supplies in line with demand, clam prices have been stable, although prices for East Coast hard and soft clams have fluctuated with seasonal demand.’
  • ‘They like to eat soft clams, razor clams and soft crabs (who doesn't) and churn up the bottom in doing so.’
  • ‘The soft clam absorbed much of the tangy, garlic flavour, but was not so savoury.’
  • ‘A description of the Chesapeake's watermen, this book details fishing for crabs, oysters, soft clams, hard clams, eels, catfish, menhaden, and other fish.’
  • ‘The grant will fund additional research into the feasibility of rearing soft clams for both private aquaculture and public stock enhancement’
  • ‘Striped bass are known to eat a large variety including eels, squid, silversides, crab, soft clams, lobsters, sea worms and other fish such as flounder smelt and silver hake.’
  • ‘There they fry strips of big hard clams, whereas the quintessential fried clam is the Ipswich, a soft clam, which has become too expensive for chain restaurant dining.’
  • ‘New York State has a wide variety of shellfish available for harvest: hard clams or quahogs, blue mussels, razor clams, soft clams, oysters and bay scallops.’
  • ‘It feeds on soft clams, snails, crabs and the roots of submerged plants.’
  • ‘Finally, ‘non-traditional’ culture species in Virginia's future, such as bay scallops and soft clams, will be discussed.’
  • ‘Hard clams can be relayed, that is, moved from one growout site to another, a cleaner one, but soft clams don't survive the process.’
  • ‘Special permit to harvest soft clams from specified Special Restricted and seasonal Special Restricted waters within the state of New Jersey, for further processing at a state permitted and certified soft clam depuration/controlled purification facility.’