Meaning of soft crab in English:

soft crab


another term for softshell crab
‘It's perfect for fishing because the sea bass like to skulk around the wrecks, feeding off the soft crabs, prawns and small fish that live there.’
  • ‘You might have an idea that it will be a good year, based on the early runs of soft crabs, but there is no guarantee crabs will remain plentiful throughout the season.’
  • ‘Because a hard crab will kill and eat a soft crab, the shedding tanks must be carefully watched ‘round the clock and the shedding crabs removed to another tank.’
  • ‘The bait will be peeler crab, soft crab or mussel.’
  • ‘From April until early September, most men fish soft crabs using pots, and many of the women work full or part-time in the family crab shanties, located near the boat docks, shedding and marketing soft crabs.’
  • ‘You have the choice between baiting with peeler crab or soft crab.’
  • ‘The Princess and I ordered salmon marinated in treacle with spices and coriander and deep-fried soft crab.’