Meaning of soft loan in English:

soft loan


  • A loan, typically one to a developing country, made on terms very favourable to the borrower.

    • ‘According to the directorate, the government is estimated to receive at least about US $1 billion in aid grants from foreign countries, with the balance in the form of soft loans.’
    • ‘The foreign exchange component to cover the cost of equipment and services would be covered with Soviet soft loans and long-term credit.’
    • ‘More significant aid in the form of soft loans for reconstruction will follow later to help the Grenadian people.’
    • ‘Zsmaf will offer soft loans, modern technology know-how, easy access to equipment and machinery and easy access to competitive and profitable markets.’
    • ‘Japanese and German financial institutions have expressed readiness to extend state-guaranteed soft loans for the modernisation of Bulgaria's water supply network, said Maneva.’
    • ‘He said that obtaining soft loans was still one of the major constraints farmers were facing in the country.’
    • ‘In effect these stock options, often combined with soft loans, represent a gift from the company to its senior executives and favoured employees.’
    • ‘The program was then expanded to all subdistricts in the city in an effort to empower local communities, particularly small businesses through revolving soft loans.’
    • ‘India was the first country to seek a soft loan from International Development Agency of the World Bank for control of blindness.’
    • ‘This program has the potential to create jobs if more residents can receive soft loans to run small businesses.’
    • ‘Eddy, meanwhile, promised to provide free education for all and soft loans for small-and medium-scale entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘He is already looking for US $5 million to distribute in form of soft loans to small-scale miners so that they can improve on their gemstone output.’
    • ‘Germany has offered 500 million euros to affected countries, comprising of grants and soft loans.’
    • ‘Its development fund channels grants and soft loans from developed countries, as well as from economically stronger Asian countries, into development projects and the relief of poverty in the region.’
    • ‘The money was used to provide soft loans to small and medium enterprises, funding for infrastructural development and scholarships for school dropouts.’
    • ‘They should return a large portion of the taxes and revenues they get from the film industry, such as by subsidizing production costs, providing soft loans to producers or financing more local film festivals.’
    • ‘It plans to establish a business desk to try and impart micro-economic ideas in its members so that they engage in entrepreneurships to enable them to receive grants, soft loans and other forms of financial and material support.’
    • ‘On top of those subsidies, the government would still have to provide other support measures such as guarantees for soft loans, exemptions from import duties and provision of hedging against foreign currency risks.’
    • ‘This cannot come about without government-sponsored tax breaks, soft loans, or guaranteed planning permission for residential or commercial property development.’
    • ‘Poor countries would be aided with soft loans on very concessionary terms from the World Bank.’