Meaning of soft rock in English:

soft rock


mass noun
  • A style of rock music with a less persistent beat and more emphasis on lyrics and melody than hard rock.

    ‘So we have some jangly guitar songs with a dance floor four four beat, some incongruous soft rock and then some straightforward house.’
    • ‘Combine all that talent and irreverence with classic soft rock and it's pure music alchemy.’
    • ‘And Easum is probably correct that much of the soft rock or pop music that he advocates for worship has become a kind of generic musical product, with no set of specifically worldly associations that would prevent its use in worship.’
    • ‘Under the direction of Buckingham - an exceptional songwriter, arranger and guitarist - the album unveiled a sound that epitomized '70s American soft rock, yet also transcended it.’
    • ‘The songs ‘Sing’ and ‘Side’ are two classic singles, and judging by the change of direction of popular music lately towards soft rock, are guaranteed to make Travis a huge hit.’
    • ‘Worship must reflect the culture of the community that is currently part of the church, not replicate current worship CDs, nor 1980s soft rock, nor 18th century hymns.’
    • ‘Their mix of pop, chart, classic & soft rock covering hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s to modern age music has found a spectrum of fans, from young to old.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, he's been called the King of Romance even though he hasn't confined himself to romantic ballads, but sung disco, soft rock, themes from the movies, even gospel.’
    • ‘Her parents didn't approve of her listening to anything other than classical and soft rock, so she had to buy heavy metal and rap CDs with her own money, and hide them in her closet from her parents.’
    • ‘Heartwarming pop and soft rock strands waft my way, including an obvious request for Billy Joel's ‘Piano Man.’’
    • ‘The group's music ranges from rock 'n' roll to reggae, rap to raga, country gospel to contemporary and semi-classical, soft rock to black gospel and praise and worship.’
    • ‘The darkest black metal music was always piercing through her headphones, but she also had appreciation for jazz, blues, soft rock, even pop and rap.’
    • ‘The backing veers from synthesised funk to soft rock, but Pape and Cheikh are at their best singing their stirring, gently epic ballads to their own acoustic guitars.’
    • ‘In terms of music, I like rhythm & blues, soft rock, soca music and of course, dance hall/reggae music.’
    • ‘While most of the songs will be performed a cappella, the bands will also dip and dive through a variety of genres of music from country, to jazz, to soft rock.’
    • ‘She weaves together jazz, folk, soul and soft rock into a whole greater than the sum of its parts, something distinctly her own.’
    • ‘If he does feel a little pressured, like before a big game, he likes to listen to Argentine soft rock to sooth his nerves.’
    • ‘Modern design with a twist of hip-hop and soft rock combined to give this place an ultra chic atmosphere.’
    • ‘She turned on the radio and listened to soft rock as she drove to work.’
    • ‘From then on, the album becomes fairly bland and generic soft rock.’