Meaning of soft rot in English:

soft rot


mass noun
  • 1Any of a number of bacterial and fungal diseases of fruit and vegetables in which the tissue becomes soft and slimy.

    ‘As they feed, borers introduce bacteria that cause a soft rot that ultimately turns leaves brown and destroys the plants.’
    • ‘Irises need fast-draining soil to avoid soft rot.’
    • ‘The appearance of soft rot in the tubers injected with the supernatant confirmed that the bacterial culture was viable and producing exoenzymes when grown in LB media.’
    • ‘Rhizopus soft rot of papaya is characterized by a soft and watery rot that quickly collapses the entire fruit but leaves the cuticle intact.’
    • ‘Especially in warmer climates, the fungus that causes leaf blight can also cause a fruit rot called soft rot.’
    1. 1.1Any of a number of fungal conditions affecting timber, which becomes soft and friable.
      ‘Soft rot in wood often appears brown and can be confused with decay caused by brown rot fungi.’
      • ‘Soft rot is different from other types of wood decay.’