Meaning of softback in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɒftbak/


  • A book bound in stiff paper or flexible card; a paperback.

    ‘The book is available in softback at E25 and hardback at E40.’
    • ‘The 22nd edition of The Good Pub Guide is published in softback by Ebury Press, price £14.99.’
    • ‘Soon all 225 hardbacks and 3,000 softbacks were sold and Saint Piran Press was busy printing more.’
    • ‘There was also a ‘shop’ area in the entrance hall, which sold a multitude of softback booklets and a few hardback books.’
    • ‘Most of the feedback is personal and anecdotal, but practitioners at the bench found the books extremely helpful; they were so heavily used that the softback format was not durable enough and hardly any copies of Part I are left.’
    • ‘For a softback, £17.99 seems a bit steep, until you look at the contents.’
    • ‘I always try and take a couple of softback page-turners on holiday with me, especially if I have a long flight in store.’
    • ‘In addition to these tabloid-sized softbacks, Pekar writes reviews for newspapers and magazines.’


  • (of a book) bound in stiff paper or flexible card; paperback.