Meaning of softcover in English:


Pronunciation /sɒftˈkʌvə/

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  • A book bound in stiff paper or flexible card; a paperback.

    ‘The book is readily available in a new large format softcover edition from Scribner Paperback Fiction and Hitchcock's film is available at minimal cost from several different sources.’
    • ‘They come in all sizes (one, two, and multi-volumes), colours (social, economic, political complexion), and shapes (hardcover, softcover, electronic).’
    • ‘The new ‘39th Reunion’ edition, unfortunately, does not do the original justice, surrounding a facsimile of the 1971 softcover with a pointless hardcover and carelessly designed front and back matter.’
    • ‘First published in 1994, this revised, softcover edition is, with the exception of a short preface, identical to the original, hardcover publication.’
    • ‘Its cost will likely keep it from use as a textbook in classes on worship; perhaps the publisher would put out a softcover edition if there were sufficient demand.’
    • ‘The presentation of the text and illustrations in this publication is impeccable, and the price is particularly affordable in softcover edition.’
    • ‘Life will publish at least eight softcover magazines a year.’
    • ‘For example, do you like hardcover, softcover or spiral-bound cookbooks?’
    • ‘The two Atlantic Guns stores carry about 40 different softcover book titles on hunting, knives, black powder and self-defense.’
    • ‘Instead, check out the softcover Berenstain Bears books on which this series is based; they are much more palatable.’
    • ‘Certainly a softcover book contains the the same information but I much prefer having a hardcover on my shelves.’
    • ‘The other book was very large, a softcover, with many elaborate drawings and pictures of Australian mammals.’
    • ‘Please let me know whether Diane Irons recently released a softcover called ‘Bargain Basement Beauty Secrets ‘or something with a similar title, and if so, where I can purchase it?’’
    • ‘A spokesperson at Zondervan says that its prices for Bibles, in general, range from less than $5 for a softcover New Testament to more than $100 for a limited, high-end, leather-bound edition.’
    • ‘The Grug series of books had become a staple of my daily reading and my bookshelf was beginning to bulge with softcover titles, whilst others my age were still struggling with mere puffy plastic bath-safe copies of Miffy the Rabbit.’
    • ‘The 128-page softcover contains ideas for regional variations of cottage-garden style, plus details about plants and structures.’
    • ‘The 160-page softcover book includes detailed directions, tool and material lists, time/skill estimates, and designer advice on finishes.’
    • ‘This 300+ page softcover edition contains all known 545 studies by the one of the greatest endgame study composers of all time.’
    • ‘It is an 8.5x11 ‘spiral bound softcover book slightly over 500 pages long.’’
    • ‘A Chinese-character softcover version of The Half Blood Prince was being sold in an underpass in downtown Beijing for 20 yuan.’


  • (of a book) bound in stiff paper or flexible card; paperback.