Meaning of softly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɒf(t)li/

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  • 1In a careful and gentle manner.

    ‘John kissed Cynthia softly and tenderly’
    • ‘she softly brushed the tears away’
    • ‘One by one she demonstrated her appreciation by softly stroking their hands.’
    • ‘He touches softly at his guitar in that electric samba style, and his breathy croon winds the melody in and out of the occasional low swell of horns.’
    • ‘She was lying perfectly still, looking at me with eyes wide open, and softly patting her sister with her free hand.’
    • ‘I softly held the lily to my nose so I could smell it.’
    • ‘Memory foam molds itself to the shape of your sole, while padded deerskin uppers softly cradle the rest.’
    1. 1.1With a quiet and gentle voice or sound.
      ‘he whispered softly in my ear’
      • ‘the TV was murmuring softly’
      • ‘a softly spoken woman’
      • ‘From behind her door came the sound of a man singing an old country song, the guitar strumming softly in the background.’
      • ‘At the close, he switches back to the minor, violins softly reiterating the sad opening motive like a threnody of distilled passion.’
      • ‘From the first softly sonorous piano tones, Bronfman played with a fierce passion that was riveting.’
      • ‘There are moments when he looks her in the eye and speaks to her softly in his language.’
      • ‘The intimacy and air of mystery are conveyed through stolen glances and the softly spoken entreaties.’
    2. 1.2In a pleasantly subdued manner.
      ‘the softly glowing fire’
      • ‘candlelight softly lit the restaurant’
      • ‘She effortlessly keeps a delicate, softly humorous tone throughout the film.’
      • ‘A large oculus brings a cylinder of light down into the main library, bathing the interior in a softly luminous glow.’
      • ‘The interior of the temple is softly illuminated by daylight filtering through perforated screens on the eastern walls.’
      • ‘Havana itself is an attraction, softly radiating the exoticism of an old city emerging from ruins.’
      • ‘As she cries at the blackboard, the camera softly frames the sunshine in her red hair, caresses like the palm of a hand.’
    3. 1.3In a smooth and gradual manner.
      ‘softly undulating hills’
      • ‘her softly rounded belly’
      • ‘The shimmering, sparkling Gulf waters have you, softly rolling up and down, up and down, up and down.’
      • ‘For a playful hairstyle, add any type of texture you like, from softly waved to super-coiled.’
      • ‘Its softly rippled surface is comforting against my cheek.’
      • ‘He hurried toward her across the field of endless green and softly swaying daisies.’
      • ‘Within an exterior of stone and glass is a softly curving interior of wood veneer panels that virtually embrace the congregants.’