Meaning of soil-like in English:



  • Resembling or suggestive of earth or soil.

    ‘worms excrete a soil-like, rich, dark humus’
    • ‘Composting breaks down waste materials from your garden and kitchen into a nutrient-rich, dark, soil-like matter that can be used to amend your soil.’
    • ‘Mature compost is a stable material with a content called humus that's dark brown or black in appearance and has a soil-like or "earthy" smell.’
    • ‘Portland cement is made by crushing, heating, and crushing again a mixture of rocks and soil-like substances, the main ones being types of limestone, chalk and clay.’
    • ‘This crumbly, soil-like material improves soil texture by increasing the drainage of heavy clay soils and the water and nutrient retention of light, sandy soils.’
    • ‘Soil-like material found at the base of the cliffs should also be dried and soaked to break down any remaining rock fragments.’
    • ‘Grabbing a handful of the finished compost from below a silver tarp, he ran the coarse, dark, soil-like grains through his fingers, gauging the feel of the organic material it contains, specifically the healthy bacteria and fungus that will promote plant growth.’
    soil-like, dirtlike