Meaning of sojourner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɒdʒənə/



See sojourn

‘The serious sojourner will seek out opportunities to give his time, talent and other resources for the benefit of others.’
  • ‘The travelers are best friends, mothers and children, sisters, and solo sojourners, all responding to the ‘call of the road.’’
  • ‘They ceased to be temporary sojourners in the cities, expected to return to the homelands, often inferior pieces of land far away from industrial centres and jobs, where they held permanent residence.’
  • ‘As this relatively well-educated population evolved from sojourners to permanent residents, they promoted the development of an increasingly mature society.’
  • ‘At the station she picked up the parcels that had come on the night train, still slightly dazed by her thoughts, picking up more stares than usual from sojourner and peasant alike.’