Meaning of soju in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəʊdʒuː/


mass noun
  • A Korean alcoholic drink typically made from rice or sweet potatoes.

    ‘he poured himself a glass of soju’
    • ‘The trend has surprised industry observers, who say soju has been immune to the effects of economic recessions in the past.’
    • ‘A large majority of us were intent on watching the game and drinking our soju or beer.’
    • ‘Among consumer goods sold last year, only cigarettes and soju, Korea's traditional wine, made progress over 2002.’
    • ‘After too much soju it was time to go home.’
    • ‘But soju is also great in cocktails - its flavor is mild, but it's got a kick.’
    • ‘By the time we had sipped our way through a mini carafe of sour apple soju plus the plum wine, I was glad we weren't driving.’
    • ‘Throw in an order of dumplings, and a bottle of Soju, and you're looking at about $35 a piece - not too bad, unless you're a cheapskate.’
    • ‘The recommended way to enjoy soju or sake is by quickly knocking them back in short, small shots.’
    • ‘It's a soju and beer bar, in a Japanese style where the seating is upon a glass tank with lots of fish underneath.’
    • ‘The film-makers love the whole experience, and the final night dinner, which in recent years has featured much soju drinking.’


Korean, literally ‘burning liquor’.