Meaning of sokaiya in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəʊkʌɪjə/

nounplural noun sokaiya

  • A holder of shares in a Japanese company who tries to extort money from it by threatening to cause trouble for executives at a general meeting of the shareholders.

    ‘Companies also hire a sokaiya to keep other sokaiya and sometimes legitimate shareholders under control.’
    • ‘Many companies are thought to pay bribes to sokaiya to stop them asking questions they don't want to answer.’
    • ‘The sokaiya have operated with an eye toward balancing how much money they get versus the penalty they might get.’
    • ‘The men were known to be sokaiya, but no company official ever admitted inviting them.’
    • ‘Companies make use of sokaiya to settle many kinds of trouble, to collect underground information, and to suppress common shareholders.’


Japanese, from sōkai ‘general meeting’ + -ya ‘dealer’.