Meaning of solar battery in English:

solar battery

(also solar cell)


  • A device converting solar radiation into electricity.

    • ‘Batteries, fuel cells and solar cells all produce something called direct current.’
    • ‘The porous-silicon semiconductors generate electricity by absorbing the electrons, just as a solar cell generates electricity by absorbing energy from incoming photons of light.’
    • ‘The technology that uses sunlight to generate electricity is called a solar cell or photovoltaic.’
    • ‘When today's photovoltaic solar cells absorb a photon of sunlight, the energy gets converted to at most one electron, and the rest is lost as heat.’
    • ‘For many of the two billion people living in rural Third World communities who lack electricity, solar cells will be the best bet for electrification.’
    • ‘Although solar energy is clean, it is still very inefficient - only 15% of the sunlight that strikes a solar cell generates electricity.’
    • ‘The photoelectric effect has many practical applications which include the photocell, photoconductive devices and solar cells.’
    • ‘Because they can be wired together, an array of solar cells can produce enough electricity for residential or commercial needs.’
    • ‘The rechargeable battery may be charged by a battery charger that is connected to the solar cell and can be optionally connected to an electrical outlet by a charging cord.’
    • ‘Because of the nature in which they produce their electricity, solar cells do experience a slight drop in effectiveness but they essentially never wear out.’
    • ‘At the end of 2002, more than 1 million homes in villages in the developing world were getting their electricity from solar cells.’
    • ‘The outside of the solar panels or wings is covered with solar cells, which convert the sun's energy to electricity.’
    • ‘Each solar cell converts sunlight into a small amount of electricity.’
    • ‘These biological solar cells in the retina convert light into electrical impulses which carry information to the brain.’
    • ‘Can a caravan of vehicles, mounted with solar cells, provide continuous electric power on the Moon?’
    • ‘It is easy to create electricity from sunlight using a solar cell; or you can create electricity from the chemical energy in hydrogen and oxygen using a fuel cell.’
    • ‘These engines also could provide electrical power instead of relying on solar cells or batteries.’
    • ‘Imagine for a moment that the structures surrounding the memorial will be sheathed in an invisible skin of electricity-producing solar cells.’
    • ‘When photons from the sun hit the surface of a solar cell, they dislodge electrons from silicon atoms.’
    • ‘Once fully developed, organic solar cells could revolutionize the power industry.’