Meaning of soldanella in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɒldəˈnɛlə/


  • A dwarf European alpine plant with bell-shaped flowers that have fringed petals and often appear in snow.

    Genus Soldanella, family Primulaceae

    ‘We have no soldanellas and auriculas, and Alpine cowslips, no brilliant gentians and anemones.’
    • ‘In the meadows you may also observe a wide variety of Alpine plants: gentians, soldanellas, primroses, harebells and edelweiss.’
    • ‘Starting from the beach towards the dune, one can distinguish a ‘pioneer’ formation, made up of beach-grasses, sea-lilies, speedwells and soldanellas.’
    • ‘In the lower valleys soldanellas, primulas, crocus, anemones and others come into flower early in the year as the snow melts, and having bloomed they wither and all but disappear, with only their leaves remaining hidden beneath the new grass of the meadowlands.’
    • ‘It resembles our soldanellas, though it is not the fringed petals that give it this resemblance, but the white stamens alternating with the narrow pointed petal tips of its pendent flowers, grouped together in small inflorescences.’


Modern Latin, from Italian, of unknown ultimate origin.