Meaning of soldering iron in English:

soldering iron


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  • An electrical tool used for melting solder and applying it to metals that are to be joined.

    ‘Having started from scratch in 1983 they claim to have the most comprehensive range of butane powered soldering irons and heat tools available worldwide.’
    • ‘‘We use soldering irons, heat tools and many other things to create the pieces,’ said Mrs Crellin.’
    • ‘In this process they learnt to use power drills, hack saws and soldering irons.’
    • ‘Applying the soldering iron to the wires where they are soldered to the Centronics connector and pulling gently should be enough to undo the wires from the unwanted connector.’
    • ‘If you are the kind of person who is at home with a screwdriver, a soldering iron, electronic components and PCBs, then this is the book for you.’
    • ‘I asked Kara if she had a soldering iron and some spare electronic components.’
    • ‘I had a go at it with a soldering iron, hooked it up to a synthesizer, and it played the drums for me.’
    • ‘After all this you are probably inspired to go grab your soldering iron and your little screwdrivers and make a mess of your mainboard in a spree of overclocking joy.’
    • ‘I also packed a toolkit and a soldering iron just in case there was trouble.’
    • ‘I bought a couple of pots and some wire from an electronics shop in Swindon, got the soldering iron out, and soon had the beasty going.’
    • ‘A soldering iron wasn't mentioned for disassembly.’
    • ‘Later, investigators will say the explosion that ripped the new house apart began the instant the tip of the soldering iron reached incandescence.’
    • ‘My laptop had a problem, and I actually managed a hardware repair myself, which actually required me to use a soldering iron.’
    • ‘By stripping the laptop down to the motherboard, you can use a fine-tipped soldering iron to repair the fractured connections.’
    • ‘Now, turn on your soldering iron, and tin all of your stripped wires.’
    • ‘It looks as if a juvenile twisted some wires together and then just jammed a soldering iron against them.’
    • ‘Little puffs of smoke drifted up from the table as we shyly learned to wield a soldering iron.’
    • ‘It's an awfully small area to work with if you don't have a professional soldering iron.’
    • ‘They can though be welded back together by the use of a lighter or a soldering iron.’
    • ‘Seal the nylon edges using a 15-watt soldering iron, hot knife or stencil knife to melt the fibers.’