Meaning of soldier beetle in English:

soldier beetle


  • An elongated flying beetle with soft downy wing cases, typically found on flowers, where it hunts other insects.

    Family Cantharidae: several genera

    ‘Two girls watch soldier beetles mating, the male expressively raising his middle two legs on either side now and then.’
    • ‘Her husband, Kenneth, was a mail carrier who happened to be a renowned connoisseur of soldier beetles.’
    • ‘But other good beetles, like the soldier beetle and the common ground beetle, inhabit local yards.’
    • ‘The larva of the soldier beetle will feed on small insects before burrowing in for the winter.’
    • ‘Spined soldier beetle and two-spotted stink bug are commonly referred as the stink bugs.’
    • ‘Three others, the rove beetles, fireflies and soldier beetles, are commonly encountered in home gardens.’
    • ‘Indeed, the soldier beetle must squeeze a lot of living into its short, one-year life span.’
    • ‘Again, soldier beetles are not pests and plants should not be sprayed where you see these beneficial insects.’
    • ‘In the rain today I found a handsome soldier beetle on a leaf of herb robert.’
    • ‘The larvae of soldier beetles eat mainly slugs and snails.’
    • ‘The larvae of soldier beetles are on the move in the fall.’
    • ‘The immature stages of soldier beetles are somewhat like the immature forms of lady beetles but are larger and more slender.’
    • ‘Like other soldier beetles it is relatively soft-bodied, the elytra being thin and rather flimsy, which perhaps relates to the fact that it spends much more time in flight than do most beetles.’
    • ‘As adults, some soldier beetle species feed on nectar and pollen, while others are predators that hunt for aphids and other soft-bodied insects.’
    • ‘This species of soldier beetle is called the Plague Soldier Beetle by gardeners because vast numbers of them appear on plants through spring, summer and autumn.’
    • ‘Adult soldier beetles are elongate, soft-bodied beetles similar to fireflies.’
    • ‘Ground beetles, rove beetles, soldier beetles, longhorn beetles, click beetles, water beetles, tiger beetles, ladybirds, weevils, chafers, and many more, are all found in the Park.’
    • ‘In addition, no members of the soldier beetles are able to ‘glow’.’