Meaning of soldier fly in English:

soldier fly


  • A bright metallic fly with a flattened body, which frequently basks in the sun with its wings folded flat over the body.

    Family Stratiomyidae: many genera

    ‘Odontomyia hydrolean is part of the soldier fly family and was first reported in Britain in 1829 but disappeared soon after.’
    • ‘Other flies found on the poultry establishment include soldier flies, small dung flies, fruit flies and rat-tailed maggots.’
    • ‘During World War II, the black soldier fly spread into Europe, India, Asia and even Australia.’
    • ‘So it makes sense to me that the black soldier flies are closer to their natural food than corn and soybean meal.’
    • ‘Prepupal soldier flies were self-collected as they sought pupation sites and crawled out of the manure basin.’
    • ‘More research is needed, but biodiesel produced with the help of black soldier flies could provide a cheaper alternative fuel.’
    • ‘Tomberlin is investigating the use of the soldier fly to turn livestock manure into a source of protein and energy for poultry, while reducing numbers of the common housefly.’
    • ‘Manure digestion with soldier flies practically eliminates environmental problems and produces significant salable products.’
    • ‘There are approximately 254 species of soldier fly in North America.’
    • ‘There are approximately 1,500 species of soldier flies worldwide.’
    • ‘Once your bin has soldier flies, it can be difficult to say goodbye to them.’
    • ‘Some species of soldier flies have aquatic larvae.’