Meaning of soldier of Christ in English:

soldier of Christ


  • An active or proselytizing Christian.

    ‘St. Martin of Tours left the Roman army following his conversion to Christianity, claiming, ‘I am a soldier of Christ, and it is not lawful for me to fight.’’
    • ‘So the monks began to conceive of themselves as the ‘soldiers of Christ,’ striving to preserve the well-being of the clergy and faithful, the king and his kingdom.’
    • ‘He told me he was a young tough from the streets of Chicago who heard God's call to be a soldier of Christ.’
    • ‘In 1417, Henry V was portrayed for all to see at his reception by London as a soldier of Christ returning from crusade against the French.’
    • ‘Anger with nowhere to go became my best friend and most of my strength came from my badges of honor, as an Irishman, a Democrat, Catholic soldier of Christ, and now the son of the misunderstood and saintly Rosemary Walsh.’
    • ‘They are a fervent lot, these soldiers of Christ, as they march - rather, as they ride - into the city, beating on seats and the sides of the carriage, singing praises to their Saviour.’
    • ‘The Knights became soldiers of Christ and maintained huge estates in the Holy Land.’