Meaning of soldierfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəʊldʒəˌfɪʃ/

nounplural noun soldierfish, plural noun soldierfishes

  • A squirrelfish that is typically bright red in colour.

    Several genera and species in the family Holocentridae

    ‘Fifteen minutes southeast of Boracay, Crocodile Island has a reef where divers can explore many small channels harbouring squirrelfish, soldierfish, cardinalfish and various wrasse.’
    • ‘Richelieu also features numerous ledges, crevices and small caverns, providing shelter for squirrelfish, soldierfish, copper sweepers, and over twelve species of moray eels, including the rare golden moray.’
    • ‘The predominant species are similar to those outside the lagoon at Mafia Island, a variety of bigeye, soldierfish, snapper and trevally, with more solitary wrasse, parrotfish, butterflyfish and small grouper closer to the reef.’
    • ‘The reef is teeming with fish, ranging from small blennies hiding in barnacles to shoals of grunts and soldierfish.’
    • ‘Blackbar soldierfish protect the entrance to the engine room and several species of snapper lie motionless in protected areas.’
    • ‘Red soldierfish blend into the colourful backdrop of encrusting sponges on the wreck of the Corveta va Ypiranga, a 60m dive at Fernando de Noronha.’
    • ‘Great swarms of bigeyes were shoaling on the reef next to swarms of soldierfish, blue-striped snapper and black-sided horse-eyed jacks.’
    • ‘As this undersea Argonaut cavorted amidst hordes of angel, parrot, trigger, soldierfish and more, this novice couldn't have had a better instructor.’
    • ‘Chris took me to a small cave where a shoal of upside-down soldierfish patrolled the entrance, and pointed out all the small crustaceans inside.’
    • ‘In the cracks and overhangs, small schools of black-bar soldierfish hung out.’
    • ‘Bright red blue-lined squirrelfish loiter, thinking they're unseen, in every shadowy overhang, while even redder soldierfish stay well inside the caverns.’