Meaning of sole-charge in English:



  • 1New Zealand (of a primary school) having only one teacher.

    ‘for children who were lucky enough to have a gifted teacher a sole-charge school provided a good experience’
    • ‘That has 11 students, and is a sole-charge school.’
    • ‘She was on her way to turning Green Bay High School into the only sole-charge high school in New Zealand.’
    • ‘Teachers in sole-charge schools get three half-days for support.’
    • ‘He did pass his exams and a nearby Anglican minister telegraphed him about a sole-charge school in Savage Cove, down the coast.’
    • ‘He was assigned a sole-charge school in Trinity East.’
    • ‘For those in sole-charge positions, regimented breaks are impractical.’
    • ‘Old-timers will often talk of going to school where grim sole-charge teachers ruled classes of 50-plus with absolute authority.’
    • ‘My father's first job was a sole-charge teacher on the banks of the Wanganui River.’
    • ‘I'm a sole-charge principal, but I have the same paperwork as any other principal.’
  • 2(of an employment position) in which a single person does all the work or takes all the responsibility.

    ‘you'll work directly with the new General Manager, operating in a sole-charge capacity’
    • ‘In sole-charge situations the employer must reasonably compensate the employee in lieu of breaks.’
    • ‘Flexibility is needed in work sites such as sole-charge air traffic control towers, where breaks are potentially life-threatening.’
    • ‘Anybody interested in the realities of being a sole-charge police officer should visit her Facebook page.’
    • ‘We want an end to sole-charge police stations.’
    • ‘He was late for his job as a sole-charge chef on The Terrace in central Wellington.’
    • ‘They're investigating a serious assault on a sole-charge officer in Kawhia.’
    • ‘Six controllers work at the airport, on sole-charge shifts.’
    • ‘She graduated from training school and went to work as a sole-charge dental nurse in Inglewood in 1939.’
    • ‘They aren't suitable for full-time, sole-charge childcare.’
    • ‘The sole-charge policeman turned out on his day off to a fatal accident having had a few snorts.’