Meaning of solemnly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɒləmli/

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  • 1In a formal and dignified manner.

    ‘the new Queen was solemnly crowned by the Bishop of Rheims’
    • ‘the EU has solemnly declared its intention’
    • ‘These gold obligations were solemnly reconfirmed by three sitting presidents.’
    • ‘The Congress has solemnly and repeatedly declared its policy in regard to the rights of minorities.’
    • ‘The tenor bell at Westminster Abbey will solemnly toll every minute for 101 minutes, echoing the years of the Queen Mother's life.’
    • ‘It is necessary to demonstrate before the international community that we can solemnly impose the law.’
    • ‘Tonight we solemnly decree the sublimest sacrifice ever made by a nation for the salvation of humanity, the institution of worldwide liberty and freedom.’
    1. 1.1In a serious manner.
      ‘several men nodded solemnly in agreement’
      • ‘the players walked solemnly off the court’
      • ‘On the left, the young artist looks solemnly at the camera.’
      • ‘For the final time, George solemnly recounted the story of the farm for Lennie.’
      • ‘He stared solemnly up at the image, clearly saddened by his loss.’
      • ‘He gazed at me solemnly over his toast.’
      • ‘Carton admits he is shaken by Dr. Manette's inability to prevent the arrest, and Mr. Lorry solemnly agrees.’
  • 2With deep sincerity.

    ‘I solemnly swear it will never happen again’
    • ‘He and his friends solemnly swear the oath of revenge.’
    • ‘Tight Eyez solemnly vows to protect Baby Tight Eyez from the lure of the gangs.’
    • ‘We solemnly affirm that we pledge our time, effort, and resources to the fullest extent that we can, so that no one has to fight cancer alone.’
    • ‘Hundreds of uniformed children solemnly undertook a pledge to contribute to cleanliness in their habitat.’
    • ‘I solemnly promise not to include this track on my CD.’