Meaning of soleus in English:


Pronunciation /sə(ʊ)ˈliːəs/


(also soleus muscle)
  • A broad muscle in the lower calf, below the gastrocnemius, which flexes the foot to point the toes downwards.

    ‘When working calves, include a seated version in your routine, which allows you to hit the deeper muscle layers of the soleus buried beneath the gastrocnemius.’
    • ‘This dynamic move enhances ankle and calf flexibility and increases the strength of the deeper calf muscle, the soleus.’
    • ‘For example, if your gastrocnemius muscles are bunched high up on your lower legs, do more seated calf raises, which target your soleus, a muscle that travels the length of your calves.’
    • ‘Seated calf raises specifically target the soleus, which runs under the gastrocnemius and is actually the lower leg's largest muscle.’
    • ‘The soleus also extend further down the lower legs, so muscling them up can appear to lengthen high calves somewhat.’


Late 17th century modern Latin, from Latin solea ‘sole’.