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Pronunciation /səˈlɪsɪt/

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verbverb solicits, verb soliciting, verb solicited

  • 1with object Ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone.

    ‘he called a meeting to solicit their views’
    • ‘don't solicit for money’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in 1967, Stuart Montgomery of Fulcrum Press in London solicited poems for another collection.’
    • ‘I did not directly solicit participation at these meetings.’
    • ‘Do you seek out major authors and solicit manuscripts?’
    • ‘But to seek out praise, to actively solicit positive feedback is not my style.’
    • ‘To obtain the most competitive prices, solicit the bids in January or February, when roofers have little work and are looking for summertime jobs.’
    • ‘Making the correct diagnosis requires the physician to obtain an occupational and environmental history that solicits information on pesticide exposures.’
    • ‘We ought to, obviously, solicit the views of the other commissioners on any major substantive issue.’
    • ‘Each award has a three-member canvassing committee that solicits new nominations and encourages renominations.’
    • ‘President-Elect Michael Clegg solicited proposals for annual meetings of the Society in 2002 and 2003.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the Fisheries Department was in constant contact with lodge owners in the area to solicit their views on fish conservation.’
    • ‘For products from suppliers with e-commerce capabilities, the site also allows users to solicit sample materials, request price quotes, and place purchase orders.’
    • ‘As a candidate for the Board of Directors, I plan to continue to solicit your ideas and seek your input.’
    • ‘The nervous Prince again seeks to solicit words of loyalty from his men.’
    • ‘As a twenty-one-year-old teacher, she requested and received authorization from the trustees to solicit funds for a new roof for Luther Hall.’
    • ‘The purpose of the meeting was primarily to solicit agreement from regional stakeholders on the cleaner production and eco-efficiency strategic plan and receive assistance from them in the execution of the plan.’
    • ‘This column knows of at least half a dozen whose representatives have been actively soliciting offers from English and French clubs this year.’
    • ‘Each person had five minutes to describe the job he or she was seeking and solicit relevant contacts from others.’
    • ‘This bill would mandate that public meetings are held in communities across the nation to solicit input about ways to improve the health care system.’
    • ‘At the annual Forum meeting, held at the national conference, suggestions are solicited from participants for future publications and meetings.’
    • ‘This program seeks to enable neuroscience and behavioral research by soliciting research and development of novel tools and approaches for the study of the development, structure, and function of the brain.’
    ask for, request, apply for, put in for, seek, beg, plead for, sue for, crave, canvass, call for, drum up, press for
    ask, beg, beseech, implore, plead with, entreat, appeal to, apply to, lobby, petition, importune, canvass, supplicate, call on, press, pressure
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    1. 1.1Ask (someone) for something.
      ‘historians and critics are solicited for opinions by the auction houses’
      • ‘I mean, if someone solicits you to do something like that, wouldn't you call the police?’
      • ‘I solicited Robert Tagorda's expert thoughts on this subject, because he's a lot smarter where issues of grand strategy are concerned than me.’
      • ‘I'm somewhat skeptical because if someone ever solicited me to kill someone, I'd call the police.’
      • ‘A ridiculous and doomed attempt to solicit someone to commit a crime, for example, is still criminal solicitation; a pitifully executed attempt at fraud is still fraud.’
      • ‘Your personal information is eventually sold to marketing companies that then solicit you by phone or mail based on your profile.’
      • ‘There is a certain danger which comes from walking past the front porch of an elderly and learned neighbour on a summer afternoon, who solicits you to join him for a drink.’
      • ‘After learning the strategies offered in the class, however, his score was so impressive that Yale, Harvard, a military academy and Princeton solicited him.’
      • ‘Are you being solicited to do consulting work on this?’
      • ‘Following the purchase of Hartcraft, other companies, many of them family-owned, solicited him for buyouts.’
      • ‘We had not visited, contacted or solicited her in any way.’
      • ‘Coetzee said every time there was an invitation to tender for business in his field, he was solicited for joint ventures.’
      • ‘If a stranger solicited us who was too friendly or too overbearing, we would be offended.’
      • ‘Every time you pay a bill, buy something, or have merchandise delivered, you give that company an opening to solicit you by phone for the next 18 months.’
      • ‘Heather Lendway '06, one of the many students solicited by the tenure review board for her opinion, has not considered how detailed she will make her evaluation.’
      • ‘Effective issue advertising also can aid presidents in presenting their positions since they can directly solicit voters without critical commentary.’
      • ‘Students have also had trouble in the area: one had her car broken into, and others are often solicited by people looking for drugs or money as they cross the street.’
      • ‘For months, people who had been solicited via email and word of mouth met in her apartment to decorate individual lotahs and record their stories.’
      • ‘You have groups formed like America Coming Together and like the Media Fund that are designed to solicit many of the same people to give the same contributions to do the same things.’
      • ‘Once a financial goal has been set, the critical quiet period begins, when school leaders solicit the largest potential donors.’
      • ‘In addition to soliciting the government for announcements, the press began to cover the government journalistically.’
  • 2no object Accost someone and offer one's or someone else's services as a prostitute.

    ‘he met her while she was soliciting in Soho’
    • ‘prostitutes solicit openly on the streets’
    • ‘Every day of the week, police cars will drive past prostitutes who are soliciting and ignore them unless it is blatant, offensive, or something of that nature.’
    • ‘It was not until 1985 that the law penalized the client for kerb-crawling, even though for many years it had penalized prostitutes for soliciting in the street.’
    • ‘In June 1908 the presence of high-class prostitutes soliciting on trains was reported in newspapers.’
    • ‘Although prostitution itself is not an offence, soliciting and pimping are illegal.’
    • ‘I think prostitution itself is legal… it's not legal to solicit or run a brothel.’
    • ‘Law enforcement agencies in the Johannesburg area have vowed to crack down on brothels and on sex workers soliciting on the streets of the city, following this week's Constitutional Court ruling outlawing the trade.’
    • ‘Despite regular crack downs on street sex work, workers continue to solicit on the streets.’
    • ‘Then in Thailand, soliciting for prostitution and accepting the service of prostitution are not considered serious but running brothels or being involved in child prostitution very definitely are.’
    • ‘On the back of this agitation, the new law entrenched police powers to close down brothels and punish soliciting.’
    • ‘The bill makes it an offence to solicit for prostitution in a public place.’
    • ‘For example, the type of prostitution regularly mentioned is soliciting and this more commonly associated with drugs as well as other crimes.’
    • ‘Are not there cases where men have been charged with counselling or procuring prostitutes who are charged with soliciting for the purpose of prostitution?’
    • ‘What is illegal is pimping, soliciting on the streets, and that sort of activity.’
    • ‘I have put an amendment to call this bill by a title that truly reflects its aim to decriminalise such activities as soliciting, living off the earnings of prostitution, pimping, and coercion.’
    • ‘During a divisional vice operation in the Listerhills area, four men were arrested for kerb-crawling and three women were detained for soliciting.’
    • ‘Should she be caught soliciting within the next three years she faces a jail sentence of up to five years, on top of any sentences for additional crimes.’
    • ‘Proving prostitution or related charges like soliciting and trespassing is difficult, and in most cases the evidence is fairly flimsy.’
    • ‘Often it isn't the actual prostitution that is illegal but certain activities associated with it such as: soliciting, kerb crawling, brothel keeping, living off immoral earnings and so on.’
    • ‘The obscure law originally directed at brothel owners who would solicit arriving sailors with liquor and prostitutes, has been used only twice, first in 1872 and again in 1890.’
    • ‘They said she had become a public nuisance behind the station ‘as she quite openly solicits males on Fairfield Street and as a result of such liaisons, regularly frequents the ladies' toilets’ on Piccadilly station itself.’
    work as a prostitute, engage in prostitution, accost people, make sexual advances, tout, tout for business
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Late Middle English from Old French solliciter, from Latin sollicitare ‘agitate’, from sollicitus ‘anxious’, from sollus ‘entire’ + citus (past participle of ciere ‘set in motion’).