Meaning of solicitousness in English:


Pronunciation /səˈlɪsɪtəsnəs/


See solicitous

‘She also said that her family's solicitousness in taking care of her is making her feel somewhat helpless.’
  • ‘We have always encountered very great solicitousness and generosity from all quarters, and we sincerely hope to meet with understanding for this difficult decision we have made.’
  • ‘Burles's Gérald is gentle, virile, and gloriously sung, and as Lakmé's father, young Roger Soyer shows both authority and genuine solicitousness for her daughter's welfare.’
  • ‘The innocuous ease of this verbal exchange implies that Monet's solicitousness and Kristen's outward constraint are complementary responses to social expectations.’
  • ‘Rousseau stands up, shakes hands, offers me the professional smile of a man who has refined the art of blending complete solicitousness with an air of unshakable command.’