Meaning of solifluction in English:



mass nounGeology
  • The gradual movement of wet soil or other material down a slope, especially where frozen subsoil acts as a barrier to the percolation of water.

    ‘In contrast to the soil creep of temperate regions, solifluction and gelifiuction are relatively rapid processes in periglacial regions and can result in the active development of slopes.’
    • ‘A combination of land submergence, coastal erosion, and solifluction had caused the deterioration of certain houses and their associated midden deposits.’
    • ‘This material is unsorted and is usually mixed with other transported material from the same sources including slopewash, solifluction, or trampling.’
    • ‘The land surface's extent is uncertain, but there is probably a north-south strip five to ten metres wide parallel to the valley edge, buried, and protected from the effects of ploughing, by chalk solifluction sediments.’



/sɒlɪˈflʌkʃən/ /səʊlɪˈflʌkʃən/


Early 20th century from Latin solum ‘soil’ + fluctio(n-) ‘flowing’, from the verb fluere ‘to flow’.