Meaning of solitarily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɒlɪtrəli/


See solitary

‘Out there, among the cypress and the palm, where the alligator solitarily glides and the egret sails in chevron, sanctuary beckoned.’
  • ‘Even when published, it's read solitarily at one's own pace.’
  • ‘When I went out to shine the torch on them, I caught one young lad walking solitarily up the road and we exchanged a few words.’
  • ‘Put it this way, if I had written it solitarily I would not have written it the way it is.’
  • ‘However, most of the described foraging strategies use pheromones to recruit nest mates, and only those foraging solitarily do not use pheromones and thus do not recruit nest mates.’