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‘Blake somehow understands, that his sonorousness is a final, sad crumbling of former grandeur.’
  • ‘The presence of a very little lead or any similar metal greatly lessens the sonorousness of this alloy; while that of silver increases it.’
  • ‘This sonorousness of vindictive words might help to characterize how, say, racist speech works on and in its targets.’
  • ‘It has some of the aspects of a funeral, with its solemnising and scope for outbreaks of high emotion and sonorousness, only of course it is much much happier.’
  • ‘Weighty, serious and with noble sonorousness, Scherchen's Berlioz is not for those to whom Fournet, Munch, Beecham and Davis are lodestars in this work.’



/ˈsɒn(ə)rəsnəs/ /səˈnɔːrəsnəs/