Meaning of sorry cut in English:

sorry cut


  • (in Aboriginal English) an incision made on the body as part of a mourning ritual.

    ‘the women of the immediate family gashed their bodies with big sorry cuts’
    • ‘Someone may come to work with sorry cuts after a relative's death.’
    • ‘Sorry cuts are just one of a range of ways bodily injury was used in traditional Aboriginal societies.’
    • ‘The old women would make 'sorry-cuts' on their foreheads with a couple of rocks.’
    • ‘Settlement orderlies maintain a close watch for knives with which grieving relatives may inflict 'sorry cuts' on themselves.’
    • ‘He proudly displayed his 'sorry cuts', a sign of his connection to family and country.’
    • ‘She hit him on the head, trying to inflict a 'sorry cut'.’
    • ‘She was hitting herself in the head with a rock, giving herself sorry cuts—just like a woman at a funeral.’